Constitutional Law and Higher Education
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I am currently interested in a legal counsel position at a large state university. While I am qualified for many aspects of the job, my one weakness is a requirement of having a good working knowledge of current Constitutional law and how it currently is applicable to higher education and similar institutions. I am looking for any good online (preferred) or even recently published resources that will provide that thorough knowledge that I seek. Can you help me?

More details about the job, it would cover the gamut of dealing with discrimination lawsuits, student complaints, advising with regard to privacy laws, tenure applications (and denials?), advising with regard to faculty and student affairs, research ethics and conduct, etc, etc.

Bonus question! I would also appreciate any experiences or pointers by those who have worked in a university legal counsel position. I have worked exclusively as a public law attorney for state government in both counsel and litigation capacities, how much of a difference in atmosphere and environment might there be?

Thank you for any and all assistance!
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MeMail me.
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Check out the web site for FIRE.
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MeMail me, too.
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Just a guess - they must be referring to race and admissions, and maybe First Amendment? I think admissions must be the biggest concern.
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The AAUP publishes a roundup on your question every year, and also makes their amicus briefs available. Can probably explain it better then anyone else here, since they are steeped in this stuff. They have a point of view and a constituency, and their views are likely counter some administrations' views on at least some issues, but the summary of the law is very thorough.
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Much of the site is behind a pay wall, but check out NACUA. You can also memail me as well.
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