Trailheads and camping near Wytheville, VA
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Me and my dad are going camping this weekend in the Wytheville, VA area. It's a compromise location with which neither of us are familiar. He's driving down, I'm busing up, and we'll be camping 2 nights. Does anyone have a favorite backcountry camping spot around there, maybe by a stream? (details follow)

What we need in a campsite/trailhead: Within 2 hours of Wytheville, VA, but closer is better. We have to be able to park our car somewhere and hike in, somewhere where we're allowed to camp if we're far enough from the trail. Access to water that we can filter. Being able to have a campfire is nice but not mandatory. Less elevation change is better-- I'm way out of shape, and he's in his 60s.
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Not sure how specific I can be, but the Mount Rogers National Recreation area might be an option. Of course the Appalachian Trail runs right through there too, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. I live fairly nearby, but i'm not a camper. You're probably spoiled for choice. It's a beautiful area. The Virginia Creeper Trail is insanely fun to do. I've done it with young kids and they were fine.
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Best answer: If you don't get specific answers here I've had very good luck chatting about locations with the FS staff in various district offices, both in person and calling on the phone. They will also have information on current conditions, any closures, etc.
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The New River is calling you. It is so beautiful. Kayaking and rafting available here and there. I've heard Foster Falls is a good place to camp though I have never been there. If you motor over to Galax, VA, you might find some live music happening.
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I agree, the Foster Falls area is lovely. Right on the river and this time of year the weather is perfect for sleeping. I'm pretty sure the camp sites are easy to get to, even driveable. If you're up to something spooky, the Major Graham Mansion is nearby. Reported to be haunted. Have fun!
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Oh, it's the Hillsville Flea Market this least 0.5 million people!
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