Will bits of two different virtual controller sets play nice on an iPad?
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Logitech virtual joystick plus Steelseries virtual buttons on an iPad: great idea or stupid idea?

So with the news that Bioshock is coming out for iPad etc tonight, I'm thinking about getting myself a virtual controller. I figure there are only going to be more and more fps and rpg ports, and pure touch control just doesn't do it for me a lot of the time- loses too much precision. But I also feel like having a fully separate controller kind of ruins the point of playing on iPad.

So! The stick-on physical stick and buttons seem to be the way to go. Steelseries has the stick and three buttons but reviews tell me the stick is inferior to the Logitech version. But Logitech's has no buttons.

So since they're both relatively cheap, it seems like it'd be ideal to mix them and use the Logitech stick and the Steelseries buttons. But would they play nice together, or would the iPad not be able to recognize them both at once? Either google doesn't know, or I'm entirely failing to ask it correctly. Either way, I'm sure some of you fine people know the answer.

Ooh and if I may sneak in a corollary question: I know these are meant for use with games that already have a virtual stick and buttons onscreen, where the area is premapped for that functionality. Is there a way to make the iPad recognize the inputs with games that don't have the premapping like that? I have a feeling that it might be possible with the buttons but not with the stick, but I really don't know. Maybe there's some nifty way of hacking that.

Thanks in advance!
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I think everything is tuned to the size of actual fingers, so it doesn't matter which model you're using -- it's all just pressure at similar distance ratios to the iPad touchscreen.
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Agreed. If the bio shock controls setup supports on screen buttons + control stick, this should work. My one concern would be whether the onscreen controls are spaced enough so that you'll have room for both the stick and the buttons.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I'll let you know. They haven't arrived yet so I haven't been able to check.

Oh and re bioshock in particular- there's no built-in area for the "joystick"- you move the camera by moving your finger anywhere on the right side of the screen. So I'm not sure if it'll work in this case but I hope it does. The port is decent but god could it use some precision.
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