How to furnish an entire apartment in the Algarve this week?
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Mr. TEA and I have just become responsible for furnishing a two-bedroom apartment in the Algarve. The apartment is in good condition but entirely empty. We would be furnishing it for family use and possibly for rental. My go-to furnishings store at home (the US), Ikea, is hours away, although I'm wondering if it would be worth the trip just for dishes, pots, pans, and glasses. I speak very little Portuguese, although Mr. TEA is more fluent.
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Forgot to emphasize his part: we need to have this completed by Sunday.
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Yes, I would consider a trip to Ikea worth it, for several reasons:

- because it is cheap
- because you can get so many of the things you need in one place
- because it's self-service so you can get most of what you need without having to talk much Portuguese at all
- because the way they pack things will allow you to get a whole bunch of stuff in one haul
- because it's familiar so you already roughly know the setup of the store, which will save you time

I'd rent a trailer and get as much out of that one Ikea trip as I could.
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I would make the trip also, for all the reasons Too-Ticky outlines...if you go to the one in Lisbon, yes, it will be a hike, but you'll also be able to pick up other 'big city' items that may not be so readily available down in the Algarve.
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I just looked, and there is an Ikea in Sevilla, Spain...depending on which part of the Algarve you're in, that one might be more convenient / less of a drive.
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If you do go to IKEA, make your list beforehand and give yourself a limit on off-list items. (About 5, maybe.) The browsing is what makes an IKEA visit interminable, so if you stay focused to your list, and skip the showroom floor, you'll save time.
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Well, Ikea is probably not worth it if you only need dishes, pots, pans, and glasses. But you presumably need furniture, right?
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