Finding other beginning web developers to form a study group with
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How can I find other beginning students of web development to form a study group with?

I've been self-teaching web development and will start a bootcamp in SF in October. I would like to find others at a similar stage to do things like the following with, specifically w/r/t Ruby, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Unix:

- pair-program solutions to exercises or small learning projects
- read and discuss books on programming/related skills
- read and discuss code for open-source projects

I posted a message to the mailing list for my cohort proposing forming a study group of this general kind and inviting alternative suggestions for activities, but nobody replied (seems like a red flag, although not many people have joined the mailing list yet). Any suggestions for other places I should look to find people to do this with? I'm hoping to find people who are devoting/will devote a substantial amount of time to self-study of this stuff, presumably not all in the context of the group. I'm pretty experienced with HTML/CSS, OK with JS, and just starting out with Ruby, but I don't think skill levels of other members have to be exactly the same.

Throwaway e-mail:

Anonymous because I don't want my account to be associated with my location or the details of my professional life.
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Especially if you are IN SF, there are many meetuos for beginning coders. You might find some friends there.
posted by jander03 at 12:24 AM on August 25, 2014 would by my suggestion. Plenty exist. Or go to events at a hacker space like Noise bridge of the hacker dojo.
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Open tech school san francisco?
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The facebook page (or other social media followers) of Code Academy?
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