Way to find out which real estate agents make sales in a region/county?
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I'd like to know which real estate agents have actually completed/closed on houses/property in a particular county, say in the past 12 months or calendar year.

I'd use the info to evaluate who would be the best fit for my selling needs

I specifically need: Wyoming County, PA

But if there is a way that would find it by county for the rest of the US, please share for the good of others.

Thanks in advance
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Most agencies post huge ads in Sunday newspapers' real estate sections, and the agent pictures show which ones are in "The Ten Million Dollar Club" or whatever their agency calls it. That's where I would start.
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I dicovered recently that Zillow has pages / listings for realtors. You'd think that it's just yet another advertising thing, but - most realtors' pages had a map with their recent sales on it.

You can't search for, say, the most active realtors in a particular zip code by map, but when I was looking for a realtor, I found it worthwhile to go through listings individually. Because all realtors will claim to know that county, but those maps don't lie. I found a few whose sales were concentrated exactly where I needed, and that turned out very well.
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