Imax motion sickness?
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Will seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in Imax 3D make me sick?

I'm going to see GotG tonight. I want to see it in Imax 3D but I'm worried about motion sickness. I've seen regular 3D movies before and don't get motion sickness. I've never had motion sickness from sitting very close to the screen.

I have gotten bad motion sickness at shaky cam movies (I had to leave Cloverfield after 15 minutes). I also have had bad motion sickness from riding in cars in countries where they drive on the other side of the road (something about my brain not being able to anticipate where the car is going to go, I think).

Other people who get motion sickness - does Imax 3D trigger it for you?
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For me, yes. It triggers motion sickness and migraines.
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Obviously a very YMMV, but I've seen multiple movies in Imax 3D and I have not gotten sick-- however, like you, I got sick at Blair Witch Project, purposely didn't see Cloverfield for that exact reason, got sick at Earth to Echo.

I saw Tron: Legacy in Imax 3D and, I think, Batman Begins, and neither made me sick at all.

One minor point: GotG is a 3D conversion-- it was not filmed in 3D, so I'm not sure if that's how I would recommend seeing it.
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I saw GotG in non-IMAX 3D. I found there were a couple of moments that gave me a little lurch of nausea/vertigo/whatever, but they were very brief moments (like, a few seconds long). I don't even remember now what scenes they were in, so I don't think it was in the big action set pieces, they were just random floaty camera shots.

If you've seen the other Marvel movies in 3D without getting motion sickness, I think you'd be ok with GotG.
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I get motion sickness really easily. I saw GotG in Imax 3D and had no problems. In fact, after about 20 minutes or so I completely stopped noticing the 3D.
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I get motion sickness and my bf occasionally gets vertigo/headaches from 3D...we saw it on Imax 3D without any issue. Although I would recommend sitting a ways back ~ we were rather closer than I like and while it didn't make me sick, it was hard for my eyes to adjust to all of the quick action.
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I was fine. I think it's a superior 3D; normally 3D doesn't work well for me (I have a dominant eye) but this did.
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This is the first movie I've seen in 3d that didn't give me a super horrible headache. I saw it in IMAX 3d and regular 3d, both were fine. I think the 3d is very well done.
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Avatar made me barf but GotG did not make even slightly nauseated.

However, I still don't recommend the 3-D version of GotG. I see a lot of movies in 3-D and the GotG 3-D just isn't very good (perhaps because it's a conversion) compared to most 3-D movies. I found the distortion of the picture to be so distracting that it completely wiped out the immersiveness of the 3-D effects, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd seen it in just the regular 2-D version.

However, I saw it at a standard 3-D theater and not an IMAX, so perhaps the IMAX version will be better?
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Thanks everyone, I'm happy to report I did not get any motion sickness.

I agree that I'm not sure it was totally worth it to see this in 3D - there wasn't as much 3D-worthy stuff happening. I also noticed that if I tilted my head even a little to the side, the 3D effect went away and the picture was blurry. Like I needed to be looking at it straight on or something? Anyway, it was a little annoying. But otherwise I loved the movie and am really happy to know that I can add Imax to my list of things that do not give me motion sickness. Thanks again!
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