I'm moving, how should I handle my Comcast/Xfinity TV/internet service?
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I'm moving. I want to keep using Comcast/Xfinity for TV/internet but I want to save money and/or upgrade my service. How do I do this?

So, I'm a basically satisfied customer of Comcast/Xfinity for cable TV and internet access. I am very happy with both services. I'm moving within the same zip code and I'm pretty confident I want to stick with them. The problem is the price -- my introductory pricing ran out years ago and now I'm paying something like $240/month, and that's not with the broadest set of channels or with the fastest internet they offer, AFAIK.

Is there some way I can take advantage of the move to upgrade my services and/or to get one of the new customer packages which look to be at least 50% cheaper?

The existing account is in my wife's name -- should I try to cancel the existing service and get new service in the new place in my own name?

Should I call and speak with one of their dedicated "Move Specialists" and try to negotiate some kind of deal? Would it be better to chat online with one of their reps?

Should I just give up and transfer the existing service as is? How do I do this?

Potential complication is that they currently consider the house we're moving to to be a "Business Address" because the current owner set it up that way...

Thanks for any help!
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This is so, so easy. Call up, say you're moving and you're using this time to re-evaluate your cable options between competitors and also considering dropping it entirely, and you're wondering if there's anything they can do for you. They will immediately (or maybe after a transfer to the right department) offer you a big discount. If they don't, just hang up and try again, but I would be shocked if they didn't. This is their business model.
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We just did this. We called and talked to one of the "moving" department people, and when we said they were moving, they immediately offered the new member package for us. If they don't do that, I would just ask nicely...I think it is pretty standard.

Something to keep in mind is that this does sign you on to a new 2-year contract (we had previously been month-to-month). That was fine with us, but if you don't want to do that, you are probably better off to transfer the existing service.
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I've had luck in the past doing exactly what you described - cancel service outright and sign up with introductory rates in spouse's name instead. If you don't have phone service with them and want to keep that number when you move, this is the most guaranteed way of getting the best pricing.

Of course, the move/retention specialists can also throw you a pretty good deal if you get the right person.

As for being a "business address" just explain that it is in fact residential (the current owner probably runs a business from home and either needs business-class service to write it off as a business expense or needed that level of service). They should be able to verify when they come do your install that it is indeed residential.
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Something to keep in mind: retention specialists usually do not have the power to give you a deal for two years. Personally, i would cancel and set it up in wife's name. Bit more hassle for a longer reward.
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Wow, $240 a month? I can't think of a package that would warrant that much money. If you would like to do a self setup where you bring your modem with you and just plug it into your new home, call them and say you're moving and going to switch carriers unless you can get a better deal. Everytime I've called and said I want a lower rate, they've been able to give me a promotion. I'd see what they offer, and then compare it against whatever they are offering new customers. You'll have to start a new account, which means a visit from a Comcast guy, but I'd do whatever is cheapest.

After you move, make sure they did close your account. One time I moved and they didn't cancel my account and it went to bill collection. I was pissed. I called them and they corrected it, but hopefully it didn't ding my credit.

edit: Canceling when you are moving is not really a hassle, despite what other people are saying. I've canceled my service in a one-minute phone call everytime I've moved. If you're moving, a "retention specialist" has zero negotiating power. If you do decide to cancel and start a new account, just say you're moving and if they ask and try to get you to transfer service, say you're moving to a place that already has cable.
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Cancelling comcast is it's own special kind of hell.

Tell them you're canceling. When they say why, tell them you are moving and you need to save money. Just keep going through the cancellation process until they offer you the new subscriber price. Don't worry that you'll end up accidentally canceling, because believe me, they won't let you cancel unless you start crying on the phone and maybe not even then.
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The existing account is in my wife's name -- should I try to cancel the existing service and get new service in the new place in my own name?

That'll work, but you will lose your email account...if you have a comcast email account. Every time my contract expires I call and demand they continue the special pricing. They usually balk, but after a little bit of explaining that I want to continue but don't want to pay 50% more than a new customer they have caved every time. Granted i don't get the new customer rate, but I get enough discounts or Pre-paid Visa cards to come pretty close.
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