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With all of the technology and information at our fingertips, I am having finding the best way to watch movies. There are no longer any video stores near me. I have amazon prime, HBOgo and Netflix & my cable company on demand. It seems like every time that I want to see a movie it is not on Netflix or HBOgo, but is on Prime.

I wanted to watch This is the End, but don't want to pay $10.00 for a movie that I am going to watch once. Am I missing something? Is there another option? Ideally I wouldn't have apple tv, netflix, hbogo prime and have to get apple tv too.

I'd like a one stop shop that is reasonably priced - extra points for streaming video.

I also know that Amazon Prime is increasing in cost at the end of this year. I don't know if that changes the equation.

Thanks in advance.
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Can I Stream It can help let you know if there are cheaper options. Doesn't look like it for This is the End right now. There are other streaming video pay-per-view options (for new releases) like MGo if you've got a Roku/AppleTV.
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Unfortunately, the distribution rights that streaming services have to various films shift all of the time. On Netflix this month? Maybe not next month. Available for rent on Amazon this month? Only available to purchase next month - or vice versa. While the future promised us the ability to rent whatever we wanted at the press of a key, the fact is that availability of various titles can be far less stable than it has been since the late 80s. A recommendation for a particular service today won't mean anything six months from now.

You may still want to look offline. This is the End is available to rent at Redbox locations, and probably other Redbox-like rental kiosks near you. GreenCine will ship you titles Netflix no longer stocks. Online, you'll also want to add Vudu to your list of services to check. And keep in mind you can still rent movies on Amazon without purchasing Prime.
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You can probably get DVDs from your local library, if you're willing to wait.
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If you don't mind engaging in a little casual media piracy, check out Popcorn Time. Easy, free, single-click instant access to high-quality streams of every movie you'd find in the New Releases section at a video store, and more. Even has a built-in VPN for privacy protection. Runs on Windows, Mac and now Android devices too.
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Netflix DVDs still offers excellent service.
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