Has anything replaced East Village Radio?
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I've been trying to find a replacement for East Village Radio, or some sort of equivalent. Soundcloud and Spotify don't cut it as it requires too much effort curating what I want to listen. Red Bull Music Academy is close, but is too festival/house without a lot of diversity. I'm following a few EVR shows that have migrated to other platforms (Chances with Wolves, Delancey Music Service), but ideally I'd like an app that just plays good music. Awhile back I listened to a left bank French music station that was alright, but I forgot the name and at the time it had a pretty mediocre flash player. This was a legit station however, with ads, I didn't mind it. Any suggestions would be great!
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Was the French station Fip or Radio Nova? Either of those could perhaps fit your description (including the rubbish player!). I can't help with alternative stations similar to East Village Radio though, as I've never heard of it!
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Radio Nova! Thanks, too bad the player hasn't been updated.
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Pop the following into your favourite media player software for a direct stream to bypass the website player:

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No love for WFMU? I think their app is fab - never had a problem with it. No ads - free form programming. There was just a post on the blue about Downtown Soulville's 20th anniversary. Without the Woof Moo I wouldn't get through a work day.
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Yeah. I'd recommend WFMU or a couple of college radio stations. Lots of them have apps or streams. I know a couple of EVR DJs got their start in college radio.

(I'm a college radio DJ though. I'm always championing the format.)
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The Current (89.3) from MPR: http://www.thecurrent.org/listen
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2nd WFMU
WPRB (.com - Princeton University)
XPN (.org - UPenn)
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