Is there a plugin that creates this gallery effect?
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I'm working on making a magazine blog. I started with a template that is pretty awesome, but I liked the effect another theme used to manage the photo and video gallery. Is there a plugin I can install to achieve this effect or is this hard coded into the template.

I'm using wordpress and I only have basic coding experience. To see the example follow the link, and click on the "Galleries" link. I want to be able to sort my photos based on the link names as it does on the template. Is this possible or over my head?
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There is no link.
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Response by poster: sorry! here it is:
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I have this type of pop up gallery on my website. (See - don't want to link to self promote) the only difference is my thumbnail size which I'm sure I could change somewhere but haven't put the time into finding.

I use this gallery plugin. It's the best I've found so far.

For search purposes this is called a light box style gallery. Memail me and I can give you details on the settings I have for mine if you choose it.
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Response by poster: found it! thanks :)
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