Recs for a Dallas psychiatrist and a G.P. who take Cigna insurance?
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Depressive here. If you know of a Dallas psychiatrist that you have heard good things about who takes Cigna, I sure would appreciate their name. I could also use the name of a good general practitioner that takes Cigna, but this is secondary to my main concern of finding the psychiatrist. Thanks for any suggestions.

My family doctor is no longer on the approved list for my Cigna health insurance. The last time he switched up my depression meds, he said a psychiatrist should be brought into the loop if I didn't respond well to the new prescriptions. Well, the Effexor/Buspar/Deplin combo worked for a while but have pooped out. (I am not suicidal, but I am practically bed-ridden right now.)
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I'm really sorry about the poop-out. That has happened to me many, many times. What is tough to see when they're pooped out is that there is a ton of other drugs out there, some of which will work for you. At least it's tough for me to see that when I'm depressed.

Maybe call over to UTSW or Baylor in Dallas?

Good luck!
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My internist is on the Cigna website. His name is Gary hoss, he practices out of Baylor garland. He's been my primary doctor for 15 years or so. I like him. Can't speak to mental health practioners, sorry.
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