where are you, my fellow nerds?
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I've lived in Kansas City for about three years, and due to my tendency to be an introvert I really haven't found any friends outside of work. I tend to get along best with nerdy intellectual/perpetual student types, but am open to branching out a bit. I've tried Meetup groups with little success. Anybody have ideas I could check out? KC specific or more general wouldn't hurt either. Thanks!
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Did you try a boardgaming group or boardgame cafe?
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Do you have any interest in reading science fiction or fantasy? Kansas City just won the bid for the WorldCon Science Fiction convention in 2016 and they are certain to need loads of volunteers at some point. I believe some nerds may be involved.
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Becoming a regular at a nice neighborhood bar or non-chain coffee shop has worked for me in the past. You can sit there for a good while, nursing a drink and reading, and soak up the social atmosphere without actually having to talk to anyone very much. Pretty soon the staff and some of the other patrons are familiar and informal chatting becomes a lot easier, especially when business is slow and people are casting about for something to pay attention to.
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Please define your nerdsphere, as everyone geeks to different stuff.
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Chess group or something i.t-ish? What about those groups where people re-eanct comic strip scenes?
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Depending on what kind of nerd you are, you may want to hit up one of your local hackerspaces. There's generally all kinds of tinkering, nerding and socialising going on.
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Yeah, specifying nerdiness is key here. I can tell you that Warmachine/Hordes has the best gaming community I've ever seen, but miniature wargaming really isn't for everyone.
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Response by poster: I'm a psychologist, I love reading and research. I like to find random but bizarre things online to learn about. I've never tried tabletop games before, its an interesting idea. Love scifi/fantasy. I do have some artistic leanings, but not good enough to count as an artist.
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I've never been, but Nerd Nite looks like it might be fun.

The last I checked, there's a trivia night at the Flying Saucer downtown.

While you sure can't talk about the movies in the theater, you might be able to find some cool people to talk with before or after your movie at Alamo Drafthouse.

If you're feeling arty, you could check out First Fridays in the Crossroads, but that tends to strike fear into my introverted heart. You may also want to see if there's anything classes or events at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art that appeals to you.

The Starlight Broadway season is almost over, but the Theater League season is about to kick off. I've made friends just sitting and talking to people in the audience before.

Circling back around to the games suggestions, the Johnson County Library Game Night is fun. If you don't know how to play the game when you sit down, someone will teach you. I'd check the calendar to see if there's anything else that looks like fun.

The best way I've made friends in KC is on Twitter. Search for some locals who seem to have similar interests and start chatting away.
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There's a fan-run SF convention next year too, looking for volunteers.
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