Help, I need to buy a new suitcase in Midtown Manhattan!
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My old suitcase finally gave out on me. I got it off the luggage carousel at LaGuardia this morning and the frame is separating from the rest of the bag. I'm worried it will fall apart if I try to fly it home to Minnesota on Friday morning. I'm staying near the Chrysler building and I should be free from 5-6 pm tomorrow evening. Is there somewhere nearby where I can buy a new suitcase that isn't going to break the bank? I hate spending a lot on luggage, but I also don't want to lose or ruin my stuff.
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There's a massive Innovation Luggage store on 42nd & 2nd. They always seem to have stuff on sale, so you should be able to find something decent depending on your budget. Knowing what your budget is would be helpful for more specific recommendations.
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Could you Amazon something?
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Dude just duct tape that bitch closed before your flight. Yes, it will look ridiculous. But personally I'd rather have some time to look for specific features and shop around for a decent price and not feel rushed by the situation.
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Go to the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square.
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Problem with duct tape? What if the TSA wants to open it? Will the TSA tape it shut again?
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One of the best items I ever purchased over 20 years ago was a military surplus duffel bag. The thing is tough as nails, holds a crapton and was cheap.

Here's a place at 319 W 42nd street that looks like it has good reviews (note: I'm not a local, just an avid googler).
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Kmart on 34th?
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I too would go the sturdy duffel route just to get your stuff home. Anything you buy back in MN will not only be less expensive but will also be easily returnable if you decide you hate it after a day or two.
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Ross/TJMaxx/Marshall's always have a ton of cheap luggage if there's one of those around.
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Macy's on 34th and JC Penneys on 33rd & 6th both have luggage
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The Bag Man on 34th has some good deals, worth checking before the Kmart.
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Wherever you might consider buying luggage in MN, you can probably find the same store here in NYC: bed bath & beyond, Target, Macys, etc. The Macy's on 34th is a bit of a tourist attraction and right next to the Empire State Building if you want to sightsee a bit while you are out. The nearest Target is up in East Harlem, and there is a Costco there as well. You could also probably find a place with a cheap rolly suitcase if you walked down the street around you for a few minutes. If you want to get more specific or neat: there are a few Mujis around the City and they have some neat bags and luggage. There is an REI in Soho and an EMS if you want more outdoorsy bags/packs. There are Tumi stores and showrooms for other major brands if you are thinking of osmething specific.
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Macy's. I just bought a full set for $200 of Travel Pro. Great deal, great suitcases. Plural, we got three!
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Are you staying at a hotel? Can the concierge take care of this for you?
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Seconding Marshall's and Tjmaxx.
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Seconding smashface: ask your concierge what to do.
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Depending on how much stuff you have, you could always just mail your stuff home and then take your time buying a newer piece of luggage when you got home, especially if you want something that would be part of a set for longer trips. If the cost of shipping is the same or less than the baggage fee, I would do that - and then you don't have to wait for your stuff at the carousel when you get home, so there's that too.
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You can get a luggage strap - basically a big belt to hold it together. Or get something overnight from LLBean, and have the guarantee. I have an LLBean rolling duffle that's been a champ. Or get an old suitcase at Goodwill; they usually have lots.
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