Folders go to search instead of opening
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Every time I try to open a folder, it opens the windows search "application" instead.

I'd been fooling around in the Tools>FolderOptions area putting in new icons. Under File Types I have File Folder and Folder. When I click Advanced the only action listed is "find." When I try to add "open" it requests an application. How do I fix this?? Right now I have to right click the folder and select open from the menu... "Search..." is bolded at the top of the list. And advice would be helpful!
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Something very similiar happened to me.

Unfortunately, the only way I could fix it was to use the xp system restore utility.
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Best answer: i think youre on the right track. what you need is to go to the same menu you were at, but when it asks for an aplication type explorer.exe and then set that action as default
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actually after reading this part "Right now I have to right click the folder and select open from the menu..."
it sound like all you have to do is set open as the defalt action for folders under the file types tab, unless youve tried that already...
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Response by poster: harrigton: Thank you SO much! I thought I'd be stuck forever right clicking on folders!
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