Birthday gift for fiancee?
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We are getting married in 4 months, and I'd like to get her something that is unique to this very unique year -- I mean, she will never be my fiancee again! Any ideas for a meaningful gift? (fwiw, she is a bit romantic and sentimental, but pretty sophisticated. A little cutesy, but not too often. Definitely not showy. Loves her cat, travel, baking, reading.) Thanks!
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How about a necklace with a stamped pendant saying fiancé.

Then you can get the other side stamped saying wife, or even better, a second pendant saying wife for her next birthday/or wedding gift and she can have them both on the same chain.

Etsy does some amazing ones!
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Well, if you're being Western traditional about things, brides and grooms typically exchange gifts before their wedding and a classic groom to bride gift is a strand of pearls. So you could spin off from that idea and do a more modern, everyday take on pearls.

Maybe an asymmetrical pearl drop pendant, or a keepsake box with mother of pearl inlay (filled with something else she'd like, of course), or any decorative version of something she might otherwise use regularly with a pearl accent.

These days you can get pearls in all sorts of colors shapes and sizes for a wide range of prices, and imo modern faux pearls are often rather gorgeous, so you don't need to stick to classic stodgy things for pearls. Since you want unique, peruse etsy creators who work with pearls by price range and find someone to make a one of a kind piece for her.

Unrelated to pearls (unless you want it to be) is something that's kind of a tradition in my family, which is a piece of art. All of the older couples in my family have paintings (in one case it's an embroidery piece) in their homes that they've proudly told me one of them gave to the other when they were fiances. It's kind of like saying "I want to live with you forever and share this art with you in our home." I suppose this could also be pearl (maybe oyster?) themed!
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I suggest artwork as well. If you can tie it in to where you proposed, where you met, where you're going on your honeymoon, or some other personally significant locale in your history as a couple, that would be especially appropriate.
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Do you still live in New York? Then get thee to Catbird! If you wanted to stick with Mizu's pearl suggestion (which is lovely, btw) this cuff looks gorgeous and everyday-wearable.
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With it's memorable opening line...

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

...and if you don't mind being a bit spendy, a first edition of Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice might just be a indelible gift for a fiancée.
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For the baking angle, another NYC suggestion is A Cook's Companion. They have oodles of nifty baking supplies (a wall covered with different cookie cutters! Whoopie pie kits!) and the staff are insanely nice and helpful, so I'm sure if you went in and explained what she likes you they could help you find something really nice.
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This is an adorable question! I think starting a tradition would be really sweet. Think about what would be meaningful to her, and sustainable to do every birthday from here on out. Some brainstormed ideas:

Flowers delivered to her office

Take her to a nice restaurant on an extended lunch break

Recreate a first or meaningful date/travel experience

Set up something special at the breakfast table (flowers, a gift, a heartfelt letter, a full breakfast)

Organize all her favorite people to come over/go out

A gift you can keep adding to as the years go by (a charm bracelet would be the cliche, but could also be the start of some sort of collection)

Something wedding related that she is into but you have been hesitant about - splurge on dance lessons or uplighting or whatever would be meaningful to her
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Have a portrait done of her? (or of the two of you) That will capture a moment in time. Make sure her engagement ring is featured in the portrait.
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How about a picture of where you met? Or a picture of where you were when you agreed to marry? Stylishly framed of course, not just in your/her iPhone.
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