Please recommend Spotify playlists
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I really like the Rhino Records Spotify Playlists, especially the ones that get updated periodically like Alt Country. Can you recommend other playlists or users (either individuals or organizations) that I should follow. I'm open to any genres, but I gravitate to punk/new wave/post-punk/alternative if required to label my tastes.
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I believe there's a Bloodshot Records playlist, which will help scratch your alt-country/punk itch.
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BBC Radio 6 is pretty much my music spirit guide, so their playlist is always the first one I check when several get updated. It updates every couple of weeks, and I have found SO MUCH new music that I love from it.
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A few I like:

* Poorly Drawn Playlist 1 and 2 (by Reza Farazmand of the webcomic Poorly Drawn Lines)
* Campflight to the Lowlands 2014
* AskMe Summer Jamz 2014
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