Designing a poster for my friend's movie
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So my friend just completed post for her movie and she asked me to do a simple poster for it. The movie is about how the growth of the feminist movement in Northern Ireland under British rule. I am giving her many options, some of which are specific to the time and place and some of which are more about women in general. Thoughts?

I am a second year illustration major and I don't want to screw this up. For this poster I went through a lot of history books and found almost no photographs of women protesting in the streets or anything like that. The basic idea of the poster is not about women in Ireland per se, but women in general. In a phrase: how the role of women was forgotten. i worked on around ten options, some typographic, but mostly illustrations, but I want more and more ideas. I want the cover to be photographic not illustrative. It would have been amazing if I found an original image, but I'm thinking something photoshopped or collaged would be also communicate the idea well, something metaphorical. I am looking for references like this to help me think out of the box. It doesn't have to be a full-fledged idea, it could be a one of those emotional tumblr short depth of field photos, or a descriptive poem that you think is fitting, or maybe a movie poster or book cover you think is fitting for this sort of thing, whether idea-wise or style-wise. Anything would be helpful really.
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Why not do a feminist version of a gable-end mural? Having looked, I do see some with women on them. here

If you didn't want a politicised image from ne side or the other, you make up your own gallery of women and create your own version of a gable-end mural for the poster
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If it is about how something became forgotten then maybe have an image that is dissolving? Or falling into shadow?
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I think you should make a Union Jack, or even st pattie's saltire, and use the crosses to put in the venus symbol.
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Can you not use a still from the film as your "photograph"?
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I would take a look at movie posters or propaganda posters from the same era for an idea as what will work visually for the film. Movie posters aren't the same as a book illustration or even a print ad--they're usually seen at a distance.
There's an FFP about posters today on the blue.
You also might try watching the film with the audio off, to see which scenes visually grab you.
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I'm on the mainland, but would say that gable-end murals are iconic, though possibly a little cliched at this point.

While there are plenty of and harsh street photos / stills from news footage showing Women and girls getting on with life surrounded by soldiers and military hardware might fit well with the theme of the film.
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