Help me outfit my iPad Mini for the boardroom
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Looking for a classy leather case for my new iPad mini with Retina display. Apple's Smart Cover is proving to be fairly flimsy and cheap. I'm looking at the StilGut Couverture leather case and Apple's own Smart Case - any other cases I should be thinking about?
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You might look at DodoCase. I bought a case for my old iPad and like it a lot (although it was a little heavy). It looks like they've got leather options as well as bamboo ones.
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Along the same lines are the cases from Pad and Quill. I have an iPhone 4S case going strong after over a year, and one for a 4th-gen iPad. The one for the iPad is a bit heavy but looks and works great.
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It's not leather, but you don't get much better than the Clamcase Pro for looks and build quality. (Then again, none of the leather ones I've fiddled with have ever cut it for me, so YMMV.)
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I use the BookBook for the iPad mini and am quite happy with it. It has two zippers, so I can close it securely when it's in my bag. The only downside is that, to use the rear-facing camera, you have to kind of unfold it by the means of two snaps.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the recommendations. I wound up getting the StilGut Couverture and I'm floored by the quality and texture. A great fit for the Mini.
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