Name my brass quintet!
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My brass quintet is giving its debut recital next month. We all identity as LGBT (and have slight aspirations of trying to get gigs playing at weddings, same-sex or otherwise), and we rehearse on Capitol Hill. At a loss for what to call ourselves. Hope us?
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The Blowhards
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Along the same line as above: the Blowjays?
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Same Sax
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Not all themed on LGBT, just some ideas:

The Brassieres

DBDT (Don't Brass Don't Tell)


Alt.Brass.Quintet (or just Alt.Brass)

My Big Fat Gay Wedding Brass Quintet
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Sack Butt
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The Brass Quinteers
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God Hates Brass
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PentaBrass?, The Tacks?
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Just what I came up with on the fly.

The Brass Queertet (aw someone kind of beat me to it)

Notes on Equality

Get Your Brass Outta My Bedroom (still thinking about this one -- was trying to make a play on words related the Republican efforts to legislate against same-sex marriage, which would play on the fact that you're an LGBT Brass quintet who rehearses on Capitol Hill).
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Five Golden Things
Monumental Brass
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Hilltop Horns
Brass Tax
Washington Windbenders
Bass Instincts
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Shake That Brass!
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Response by poster: Some of these are funny, but we need something we (and our clients) would feel comfortable printing in a church service program!

"Monument Brass" was on our own list but that name is very similar to one used by another DC-area quintet.
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We're The Brass
The Horn District
The Gabriels
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Rainbow Brass Quintet

Brass Out

The Unmuted Brass Quintet
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Stonewall of Sound
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Dorothy Brass
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Brass Flambe
Brass Trinity and Horn Duo
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The Liberty Brass Quintet. Your logo could be the Statue if Liberty holding up a horn.
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Brass Menagerie
The Brassway
Horns of Representatives
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Pentagon Brass
Pentagonal Brass
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The Tiber Five (ref)
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Quantum Brass


Brass Backward

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Brass Heart
Cherry Blossom Quintet
Capital City Resonators
Brass Pentagon
The Family Brass
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The Top Brass
Rotunda Thunda
The Joint Chiefs of Brass
A Pride of Horns
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The Horndogs
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The Capitol Brass
Federal Brass
National Brass
D.C. Brass

Man I miss playing my trombone. Gotta get it out again and find a group!
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The Roy G. Biv Quintet
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Breaking Brass
Bivalves (again let me just say...)
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The OverTones
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What's your repertoire like? Are you all more at he Canadian Brass end of the spectrum (Bach, Joplin) or the Mnozil Brass or Luur Metalls (Zappa tributes) side of things?
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A Capitol Affair
The Brass Monkeys
Fabulous Brass
The Brass Blowers
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I'm probably in the minority, but for most of the above answers, the bonus points you'd get for being an obviously LBBT-identified ensemble would be exactly canceled out by my irrational fear of people who use puns in a professional context. (Using "Dorothy," as mentioned above, just barely makes the cut between cringe-worthy and cute.) And, puns on brass are right up there with coffee shops who use puns on "ground" in their name: unforgivable, not matter how good the product.

I say, pick something subtle, locally significant, and with history that doesn't beat people over the head. Mention that you're all LGBT-identified on the first page of your website, not in the title.

"The Tiber Five," above, is pretty great. Something like "the new troy players" could be fun. From the point of of someone who's never set foot anywhere near DC, "the Anacostia Flats" sounds cute, though there may be cultural context that makes that a problem.

How about [your-favorite-capitol-hill-alley]-brass-band, or "[historic-gay-bar-that-doesn't-exist-anymore] house band?"

Or, something hill-related? "Tumbling after" is the best I can come up with, though it doesn't exactly scream LGBT-friendly.

"Spirit of Justice" also has a nice ring to it, though I'm not sure if it evokes the image you're going for.
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Capitol Qwintet
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In some businesses, it'd be insane to pun in your biz name. But music groups, like coffeeshops, are whimsical enterprises. While pun-haters may forever shun certain types of businesses who resort to that, I can't imagine one walking a block out of their way to a coffee shop that doesn't have "grounds" in its name. Same for a chamber group such as yours.

I really thought alt.brass was pretty good. It's got personality, and it nicely dog-whistles the target group without putting off the mainstream.
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