King-Sized people need recommendations for cozy, sturdy bed.
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The hub and I are in the market for a new King-Sized bed. One of us is over 400 lbs. and our previous boxspring was eternally oppressed, groaning and moaning and calling us rude names. Finally it gave out entirely and we are now in need of a sturdy yet snuggly place to lay our heads when slumber calls.

We have seen some mattresses that are allegedly designed specifically for obese folks, but there is no place to try them out and no refund possible if displeased. Our budget is about $1500, so we won't be getting tempurpedics or similarly fancy, high-end beds, however much we might like them.
Mostly we would like recommendations from very large people (or those who love them) who have found beds that are sturdy and comfortable. Please let us learn from your experience! Thank you!
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Ditch the boxsprings entirely and go for a platform bed! Find a sturdy one with storage on craigslist.

If you're located in the U.S., I'd recommend going for a firm mattress from Costco. Costco has an ironclad return policy and we have just loved our mattress from them. Economically priced. Some warehouses have mattresses in stock, others don't so call around.
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Have you considered futons?
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I have a firm latex queen mattress on top of a split box spring. I am a person of size (250 lbs).

The latex mattress is firm but not hard, with no groaning or squeaking even under duress. When I turn over, it doesn't subside under my partner.

I've been sleeping on this mattress for 3 years with no divot or slumping whatsoever. Cost with frame and delivery was about $1500 with a 20 year guarantee.

It easily kicks the ass of any of the futons or conventional mattresses I ever slept on previously. Highly recommended!
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It's the box spring and/or the frame/slats.

I bought this amazingly cheap bed with manually adjustable heads (you can leave them separate with two mattresses or bolt them together with a king mattress) set for a guest bed that is, frankly, the favorite bed in the house among human and canine. It does sit low, but you get the knack of getting into it gracefully eventually.
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Oh, crap - unless you are both very short people, get the California king. Regular king somehow seems quite a bit shorter than our big Rooms To Go bed, and then it gets a lot shorter if you raise the head up.
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I have a frame much like the one Lyn Never suggests, and I have it up on these incredibly sturdy risers. If the low frame is a problem.
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This looks like a good overview and comparison of latex mattresses.
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