Financial Ap for Dummies?
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Does anyone know of a simple to use financial Ap that can be run by a fairly illiterate to technology woman? The Ap will need to be able to make spreadsheets to present the information!

I need an ap for a lovely woman who barely knows how to turn on a Mac mini! She has been running the household for a quadriplegic woman for quite some time. She coerced me into working there as well and I have made it my personal goal to "cover everyone's ass"!!! Especially as our patient's health is beginning to fail. The patient trusts this woman who has worked for her for well over a decade more than she trusts her own family. This woman has a durable power of attorney for medical decisions when the patient is incapacitated (probably because none of the family really visit or help out unless the patient is hospitalized or Christmas gifting is involved). None of the family would hesitate to sue this woman or any of the other staff if they thought there was any financial gain.

I have already helped to implement policies to guard against wrongful doing by increasing documentation and encouraging this lovely woman to do more employee evaluations, updating emergency info regularly, etc.

The area that still presents an easy target is finances. This lady has slowly taken over balancing of check books, limiting spending, payroll, everything! Sadly her skills at presenting the information to the family are considerably lacking! (Basically she has a pile of used check books, bank statements, and billing information) I have updated the 12 year old PC to a Mac Mini and price is virtually no object for a great, incredibly user friendly finance ap! She is great at numbers, and I am good with technology, so hopefully together we can make it work!

Bonus points if you also know of an incredibly easy scheduling ap, iCal is a wee bit finicky!

By the way, my need to cover this woman's ass is very personal, she's my mom!
Considerable thanks to the hive mind in advance!
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Do you need to retroactively do this?

I would recommend either Goodbudget or YNAB for both ease of use and ability to export charts and information on spending patterns. They both have the option to import in downloaded bank information or to enter it in manually as preferred.

Feel free to memail me also.
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YNAB is easy to use and produces charts. Set up a process to once a month sit down and import all the bank records and go through the paperwork which is kept in one place. You might want to also consider getting an easy scanner like Neat Receipt so the actual paperwork can go in a paper file labelled by date, while all the digital paperwork is in one place on the computer. Then once a month, you and eventually your mom on her own, open the folder and YNAB and process everything that was scanned in that month.
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If there is literally no cash spending involved (and you are in the US) then Mint would probably be perfect for this - it can pull in the info from the bank as transactions go out, she would have to label each check in Mint and then it would generate monthly charts etc.
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Mint is great if there's no cash spending AND all accounts are with major banks. Most of my credit unions do not play with Mint, to my eternal frustration.
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YNAB is awesome and I love it. Mint wouldn't sync with my bank (Ally), but the interface looked nice if it'll work with the accounts she has.
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