Side job involving writing contracts?
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I recently discovered that I intensely enjoy closely reviewing, writing, and editing contracts. Without changing careers and becoming a lawyer, is there any sort of side work I could pick up involving writing (or doing some other sort of work with) contracts?

Keeping the question intentionally broad.

Possibly relevant additional details: I work in "tech" (don't really want to be more specific publically), and can read (but not write very well) several languages in addition to English.
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Grant Officers, Procurement Officers, General Contracting Officers at, say, a university do a great deal of reading and editing contracts, and usually don't require a JD.
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Constitutions, bylaws, policies for charities/not-for-profits.
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Insurance companies have contract people. They get reviewed by legal before they go out, but I definitely first-drafted a LOT of contracts.
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Thanks for the answers so far! Sorry, I should have been more clear, but I'm interested in exploring jobs that could be *part-time side jobs*, not full-time. It would make answers more useful to me if they specifically discussed whether referenced jobs can be part-time. It would also make answers more useful to me if they included some info on how to get started with/find referenced jobs. Thanks again!
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Commercial manager or contracts manager in construction. As much of this kind of work as you can handle in those fields. I've found, in Australia at least, you don't really need qualifications either, you just need to be good.
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If you are multilingual, why not become a part-time translator of contracts? I assume such as person is needed. And that is a rare skill set. If you later go on and start writing them, you may have a better grasp of what is usual in a given field.
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Thanks for the suggestion, emjaybee, but I don't think I'm interested in translating contracts.
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Assuming you're in the U.S., contract managent and aquisitions is a whole speciality in the federal government. These roles are usually designated as Contracting Officer. Heck, you could even do this for the CIA. However, I'm not sure to what extent any of this could be part-time.

You could also look at getting a degree or certificate in contracts/acquisitions management in your free time.
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Transactional law firm support staff, maybe? You can review, edit, and write contracts part time under the supervision of a lawyer without a law degree, and plenty of lawyers want to be the big picture architect but hate doing the proofreading and making sure the subsection numbers line up and that sort of thing.
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Hmm, I don't think any of these are what I want, but I appreciate the suggestions very much.
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Labor union
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