Bonus points if you suggest a place where my child can harass ducklings
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What to do with a 1-year-old this weekend in Portland, OR?

I'll be alone with my 1-year-old daughter this weekend in Portland. We'll be staying a couple of blocks from the convention center and I'd rather not drive if I don't have to, but we will have a car. I'd love recommendations for toddler-friendly places to eat and stuff to do, and car-free ways to get around. It looks like it'll be warm to hot out and it'd be especially nice to learn about seasonal local events to enjoy. Thanks!
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The Children's Museum and Oregon Zoo in Washington Park are easily accessed by the Max (light rail) Blue Line. The museum is great for younger kids, though the zoo is pretty neat, too.

You could also go to one of our many lovely parks with water features, also easily accessible via streetcar, Max, etc.
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Laurelhurst Park is (as of today) in possession of ducklings ranging from fluff balls to gawky teenage ducks. With a small amount of chasing and coaxing, you can harass them. Be warned, momma ducks, momma humans, and other critters may try to harsh your vibe. Don't let it happen; the ducklings aren't going to be "abandoned" for "smelling like humans". Between Belmont and Stark, in the SE 30's.
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The Bridge Pedal is on this Sunday. Should not affect where you are too much, but do expect some delays/rerouting on the west side.
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As far as easy to get to, toddler-friendly places, your best bets are anywhere you can get to via Max or streetcar, both of which run right past the convention center. If you take the streetcar into NW, you can do this: go to NW Johnson & NW 11th, Jamison Square Park. The fountain there is a decent facto public pool - it'll be busy with small children on a hot day. Play in the water! There's an ice cream place on the corner, if you like, and a public restroom in the park.

When you're done, and the kiddo is sleepy, put her in the stroller or carrier and mosey up 11th to Powell's, at NW Couch. Enjoy books! If your daughter falls asleep, go get a coffee in the coffeeshop there.

For eating generally, Hopworks brewpubs (there are two) are kid-friendly, as are Laughing Planet (hippie burrito local chain - there's one walking distance from Laurelhurst Park).

The Children's Museum and OMSI aren't awesome for the younger toddler set,, especially on busy weekends. I'd stick to outdoor things. The arboretum and rose garden are on the same MAX stop as the zoo & Children's Museum, in Washington Park. There's a free bus around the park. Oh, and the Japanese Garden is there, too, which is lovely.
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+1 Jamison Square Park/Cool Moon ice cream! There's also a good sushi place on the corner of 10th & Johnson for a real meal.
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