How do you change the name of a preschool in California?
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Asking for a friend who just became a preschool director and wants to rebrand. We have googled the hell out of it but just can't find anything. This is an existing licensed preschool that just wants to have a new name with no other changes. We are in Marin County, California. Hope us?
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It looks to me like preschools are licensed by the Depart of Social Services in CA. Here are the regulations governing licensure. They may address this. If not, call the CDSS.
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Contact the CCLD Peninsula Regional Office.
Regional Manager, Sharon Howell
(650) 266-8843
Counties: Marin, San Francisco, & San Mateo
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Thanks guys. She called and found out that she needed form 200a and a cover letter explaining the change, then some updates to current forms. So it's going to be pretty easy. Thanks for your help!
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