Hard drive platter "X"?
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After dissassembling a hard drive, a coworker found a drive platter with an "X" engraved/stamped on it, anyone know what this means?
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Do you have a picture?
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Was it on just one side of the platter? Did that platter have a actual head serving it?
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Sometimes when a manufacturer wants to sell, say, a 60GB drive, they'll take an 80GB drive and disable one of the platters. Normally it's done in the drive's firmware though, not physically.

It may also be a calibration platter. Older drives needed a whole side of one platter to track where they were.
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I think cillit bang is basically correct. Sometimes one side of a platter will be unused. But it is my understanding with these disks that the unused side doesn't go through the fine processing and coatings that the used sides do; the "X" is probably there to make sure the unused side doesn't get mounted incorrectly in assembly.
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interesting. sadly i dont have it anymore so i cant post a picture.
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echoing cillit bang and adamrice, another possibility would be that it was a platter that failed QA on one side (post-processing, as opposed to the scenario that it was never processed.)
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