Book titles, fiction, one on TCM/acupuncturists and other Kids 80s bk
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OK, Kids book. I was 5 in 1985, I think I read the books when I was 7 or 8. I think my mom got this book from discovery toys- or not. But I remember there being a purple potion and there was like a spirit or something that came out of the potion/bottle, and there was a beach and a witch and a storm.

The other book I saw at a library i was visiting awhile ago. But, anything thing close to it will do. I am looking for fun modern fiction books where perhaps the main character is an acupuncturists.

I am really interested in modern day medicine women, so anything around this genre.
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I don't know about that book, but if you can find a copy of Meredith Ann Pierce's Where the Wild Geese Go, it has a very mysterious old medicine woman figure at the center of the story. (Also delightful illustrations)
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The first one wasn't Tal and the Magic Barruget was it?
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nope, it was darker than that. i remember the potion emitted a gas and there was a face in it and it was purple. really kinda dark for a kid. i think there was a storm and a sea.
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Do Not Open by Brinton Turkle?
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OMG that is it!!! haha. sooo excited. thanks buddy :)
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Yes, I was sure that was it! As soon as I read your description I could vividly see the illustrations in my mind, but it took a little googling to come up with the title. That book scared the crap out of me as a kid! Gonna have to track a copy down now myself.
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hahaha, awesome. I just LOVED the illustrations. I know it scared me too! hahaha.
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