Recommendations for SPANISH SPEAKING financial planners?
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Can anyone recommend a Spanish-speaking, fee-only financial planner who works with non-rich clients, possibly in the NYC area?

Situation: friends who will shortly be retiring (5 years max) want to buy their first house. They have two sons who, if they get a multi-family dwelling, could use their earning power to help support the mortgage. However, this runs counter to everything I've ever heard about a) simplifying your finances before moving to a fixed income, b) not building a lot of stairs into the last part of your life. Can anyone suggest a good advisor that they might meet with who could walk them through the pros & cons of this strategy?

I know about the NYC Office of Financial Empowerment, NAPFA, and Garret Network. I've read the other financial planning threads, especially those specifying NYC, but none pointed towards Spanish-language resources, so any new suggestions would be most appreciated!
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It's worth seeing if the family qualifies to see a HUD-certified housing counselor at a non-profit. Most have Spanish-speaking staff, and many offer pre-purchase counseling for new home buyers. There are also some groups that do senior-specific housing work (Parodneck Foundation, JASA), so it might be worth giving them a call to see if they have any housing counseling programs the family could participate in. If you call 311, they will direct you to the housing counseling programs in the family's neighborhood.
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