Eyelashes Falling Out
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For the past year or so there has been a pretty sizable bare patch of missing lashes on my right eyelid, and I'm wondering what to do about it.

I think it's caused by my eyelash curler (I changed eyelash curlers, and for a brief period the lashes grew back in that spot, but then they started falling out again), but I've used eyelash curlers for years, and this started happening apparently randomly about a year ago. When I changed curlers and the lashes started growing back I figured I had solved the problem, but now the bald patch is back.

I see several ways of handling this, but am wondering if anyone has any other suggestions (or ideas about why this is happening).

1) Stop curling eyelashes (and wait for patch to fill in). This is the simplest solution, but I am so used to curling my lashes that I just don't look right to myself without doing it. I realize this is silly and I probably should just get used to it, but I really, really like how my eyes look with curled lashes and mascara, and mascara alone just doesn't do it (even curling mascara).

2) Get eyelash extensions (when bald patch fills in enough to be able to attach extensions). I have a friend who swears by extensions (the individual ones, which I agree look much nicer than the strip ones). Most of the people I've seen have very long and thick extensions which look kind of fake to me. I'm wondering if I could get a more modest version that would mimic the curled mascara look, but not be totally over the top. Also, I know there can be a lot of upkeep on this, so I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Any suggestions for how to deal with this totally trivial problem?
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I'd stop using the curler AND mascara. If I were you, I'd limit how much eye liner & eye makeup, especially around the house. Give the eyes a break.
IME skin irritation, especially around the eyes, can pop up at any time. They can also go away, too. It's kinda random.
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If you need to regrow your lashes you can order careprost online (alldaychemist is pretty good) or get latisse prescribed by your doctor.
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There are OTC versions of things like Latisse. Check Sephora. My understanding though is that they only work while you're using them, so if you stop your lashes go back to normal.

I would stop using a curler for a while and see if that helps again. It might be possible you are just getting a natural bald spot due to hormones or something.

By all means you can try lash extensions. I get pretty natural-looking ones for special events, and while I love the way they look, the maintenance is a PITA. Expensive, time-consuming, etc. and they honestly aren't that great for your lashes. They can make your natural lashes fall out due to extra weight or different grow-out lengths.
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Do you like how your eyes look with curled lashes more than or less than you like how your eyes look with half your eyelashes missing?

For what it's worth my cousin used Latisse for a while. Her eyelashes are like 40 feet long now but it did turn her blue-ish eyes hazel.
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I wonder if what you're seeing is traction alopecia from your eyelash curlers (and possibly mascara?) If so, you do not eyelash extensions - it could exacerbate it. I would stop using the eyelash curlers until your lashes grow back in - the curlers may be causing the trauma. Consider quitting mascara, too. If they don't grow back, go see a doctor to make sure it's not due to a hormonal imbalance. I know you like curled eyelashes, but hair loss from traction alopecia can be permanent.
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Could also be a fungal or bacterial infection in the follicles. See a doctor.
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I'd get the thyroid checked as well.
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I've had this situation a few times in the last 5 years (and also a recurring bald spot in my eyebrow). Whenever it happens, I'm generally very stressed and/or run down. I have no idea why, but every time life has gotten stressful, these bald patches appear.

I do always change my curler rubber bit (or change curlers), and mascara/eyeliner when this happens. It clears up by itself in a few weeks, lashes have a pretty quick life cycle. For now, just line your upper eyelid with a fine line of eyeliner and it'll create an illusion of fuller eyelashes. Latisse does work, as well!
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Also - eyelash extensions won't work. Firstly, they need existing hairs to be attached to, which your bald patch doesn't have. Also, having had them a few times, they are pretty fussy. They need your eye makeup to be removed very gently, can sometimes poke you in your own eye if you lie on your face in bed, and if removed poorly, can cause even more eyelash loss. They ARE gorgeous when they are on though!
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Just a follow up, I did order Careprost, and it seems to be working, so thanks!
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