How do I replicate the iPhone Twitter app experience on my PC?
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I run a couple of work Twitter accounts and am looking for a simple client to use on my desktop computer. I actually love the iPhone app, and don’t need or want anything much more complicated than that – but switching to check my phone regularly is a pain, so I’d like to run something very similar on my desktop.

Key things I like about the iPhone app:

* Ability to look at just one account at a time, but easy switching between them without logging in/out (ie. none of the multiple columns view that you get in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck)
* Ability to amend/comment on a RT before sending.
* Simple and pleasing to look at – Hootsuite/Tweetdeck have so much extra furniture that I don’t need and that makes it hard to see the wood for the trees.

Scheduling's not particularly important - I do it, but not that often, so I'm happy to pop over to Hootsuite for that when needed. For my main reader I'd rather have simplicity than whistles and bells that clutter the view. I used to like the old yellow Tweetdeck, and persevered with it for a long time, until it finally ground to an unsupported halt.

I’m on Windows 7, Chrome 36.

Notes on my efforts so far: I tried downloading iPadian, thinking I might just be able to run the iphone app on my computer, but our security software decided it was malicious and deleted it; I’ve tried downloading Echofon, but it won’t accept my authorisation PIN.
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Does the web interface have the features that you want? If so, you could handle the login/logout issue by creating a site-specific browser for each of your accounts.
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If you like the interface and google's chrome browser, you could install the Twitter Account Switcher extension. I can't vouch for it since I haven't used it myself, but now that I know it exists, I might give it a try.
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You could maybe run one account in second browser like Firefox.
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Thanks - one key thing I'm missing from the interface (unless I'm missing something, which is possible) is the ability to comment on/amend a tweet easily before RTing it.

The "Quote Tweet" functionality on the iPhone isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than's choice of a straight RT or having to cut/paste/post.

The Twitter Account Switcher looks good, moonmilk, thanks - I'll try it.
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Ah OK, on the back of installing the Account Switcher extension, I've also now installed the Classic Retweet extension, so that might just do me. Any other suggestions still welcomed, though.
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