Create an iTunes smart playlist of singles
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My iTunes library consists of 80% complete albums and 20% singles from bands. Without going through and tagging all those singles in any specific way, is there a way to create a smart playlist that will pull all the music with the criteria artist-has-only-one-track or something similar?
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Do your singles have anything entered for the album title?
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If you're on a Mac, this $2 app can create a "one-hit-wonder" list, where you only have one song by that artist in your library.
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I am all about smart playlists but there's nothing in the model that lets you find find that — "album" is not an entity, it's an attribute of a song.
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I wanted to do the same thing and not knowing about that app, I tagged all my albums. It took a while, but not as long as tagging all my singles.
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This isn't the nicest code you'll ever see, but it will do the trick.

Save the following as one_hit_wonders.vbs
Option Explicit
Dim oiTunes : Set oiTunes = CreateObject("iTunes.Application")
Dim oMainLibrary : Set oMainLibrary = oiTunes.LibraryPlaylist
Dim oPlayList : Set oPlaylist = oItunes.CreatePlaylist("One Hit Wonders")
Dim iCount : iCount = oMainLibrary.Tracks.Count
Dim sArtistArray(): Redim sArtistArray(iCount)

' Create an array in memory of just artist names, we'll use this to rapidly weed out
' the artists which are duplicates. 

Dim i : For i = 1 To iCount
	WScript.Echo "Scanning iTunes Library = " & i & "/" & iCount
	sArtistArray(i) = oMainLibrary.Tracks(i).Artist

' Iterate over this array removing all the artists that are listed
' more than once. This is way faster than scanning the iTunes
' library over and over again

Dim j, bMatch : For i = 1 to iCount
	bMatch = False
	For j = 1 to iCount
		If i<>j And _
		   Len(sArtistArray(i)) > 0 And _
		   Len(sArtistArray(j)) > 0 And _
		   LCase(sArtistArray(i)) = LCase(sArtistArray(j)) Then
			sArtistArray(j) = ""
			bMatch = True
		End If
	If bMatch = True Then sArtistArray(i) = ""
	WScript.Echo "Removing artists = " & i & "/" & iCount

' If there is an artist in this array then they are unique so add that
' to a playlist

For i = 1 to iCount
	If sArtistArray(i) <> "" Then
		WScript.Echo "Adding: " & oMainLibrary.Tracks(i).Name & " (" &  oMainLibrary.Tracks(i).Artist & ")"
	End If
Set oPlayList = Nothing
Set oMainLibrary = Nothing
Set oiTunes = Nothing
To run it, open a command line window and type cscript one_hit_wonders.vbs

Don't forget to delete the playlist before you run it again, otherwise you'll end up with duplicates in your playlist.
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mr_silver: Damn that is so awesome, I wish I was using windows to use it 8-) But mayhaps I can convert to AppleScript and get something similar going. Thanks for the idea
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Sorry, I made the silly assumption you were using Windows :)

I did a quick Google search:

- This one does quite a bit more than just one hit wonders and is priced at $1.99.
- This one is free and written by someone else.
- This one was posted in a forum as a response to a question about one hit wonders.

I don't have OS X so I cannot test any of them, but hopefully one of these will work.
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