What is this plant?
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This plant suddenly appeared in my community garden/allotment. It has sprays of tiny white buds, that open into tiny white flowers with five petals. Inside there's a small green fruits (?) that look like small tomatoes and have grown to about 6mm-7mm (about 0.25 inches). Any ideas what it is? - Thanks!
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Best answer: It's pokeweed.
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Response by poster: Yay, five minutes! Thanks, Metroid Baby!
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My mom and all her family eat it, they call it poke salad in Alabama, though apparently you should cook it carefully.

Wikepedia: "Young pokeweed leaves boiled three times to reduce the toxin, discarding the water after each boiling, results in "poke salit" "poke salad", or "poke sallet",[18][19] and is occasionally available commercially. Many authorities advise against eating pokeweed even after thrice boiling, as traces of the toxin may still remain. All agree pokeweed should never be eaten uncooked. The cultural significance of poke salad is referenced in the 1969 hit song "Polk Salad Annie", written and performed by Tony Joe White, and famously covered by Elvis Presley, as well as other bands such as the El Orbits of Houston, Texas. Poke sallet festivals are held annually in Gainesboro, Tennessee; Blanchard, Louisiana; Harlan, Kentucky and Arab, Alabama."
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I used to squish the berries to paint on rocks when I was a kid. You should make ink!
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Just a note, the plant will get very tall, and spread aggressively, and the berries stain like crazy once they turn purple. I would take it down if I were you.
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Response by poster: I'm on it ...
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