Effective card for fundraising event?
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Nonprofit cultural organization having a summer event next week with half-hour auditorium time (on screen and live program) then move to restaurant/bar for cocktails...with the friendly "ask" to 50+ people. We have the one-page backgrounder all set. Need help with super-short text for a small-format giving reminder to have on tables and hand out. Perhaps a 4"x6" picture postcard with brief information on the other side? What's the most effective way to state the request/reminder in an appealing way? Just the contact information or is that too brusque? Examples?
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Briefly, I'd have all the info on one side, definitely have a photo, illustration, or a punchy graphic headline as well as contact info. Are you having donor cards with checkboxes/pre-addressed envelopes also?

If this is a cocktail event and you want to leave info on tables, have a way to keep the material *off* the table, i.e. as a tent card or in a card holder, because drinks, spillage, mess, etc.
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