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What are the best services currently for print on demand t-shirts? This would be for a low volume of orders that people can order directly from the printer using my design.
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Have you looked at Cotton Bureau?
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I have had very good experiences with Society6.
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I work for Teespring, and we are an absolutely no-risk way of getting high quality T-shirts made.
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Just to expand a bit - Teespring lets you design the shirt (online, or uploaded), and market it however you like, and we handle all the charging, printing and shipping to your buyers.
Unlike some sites, there's no curation barrier to leap, and we have much higher quality tees available than sites like Cafe Press that will do one-offs.
However, it's run more like a kickstarter - you set a minimum goal, and when it is reached, we print and ship.
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I've had bad luck with Zazzle and Cafepress in the past (years ago), so have been wary of them. However, I recently went on a t-shirt-buying binge, and decided to give both a second chance.

I just got single-color (white on black) shirts, but the quality is quite good in both cases—they seem to have stepped up their game.

A lot of difference in quality is due to how the shop owner prepares and uploads the graphics—there are a metric shit-ton of shops on both sites where people just randomly upload shitty JPEGs from Google Image Search or whatever, with no idea what they're doing. The shirts look predictably godawful. Use vector image formats; use transparent backgrounds when appropriate; etc., and you'll get much better results.
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