What happened to Takako Konishi?
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Where/how can I watch the British TV Documentary called "This is a True Story" about Takako Konishi, a Japanese girl found dead in the snow in Minnesota (previously discussed on MeFi here).

I am in the US, and there's no DVD in Netflix or any such thing as far as I can find. It was apparently part of a program in the UK called "Alt. TV" on Channel 4, shown 2003-2004. My boyfriend and I would really like to watch this, as we are really curious about the details of the story beyond the Guardian article (written by the director of the film). Any ideas?
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I videotaped this but I'm pretty certain I no longer have it. I'm sure someone will, it was trailed quite prominently.
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Wow! I want this too! Thanks for asking --- I'd forgotten all about this, and would love to track it down.
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I really wish I'd kept it on tape too, it's well worth searching for.
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George McGovern's daughter was also found dead in the snow.
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article on the story

You might start with the production company.
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Email Channel 4, ask if they have any plans to show it again (they have a number of different channels), and if so, email me and I'll record it for you!
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Try UKNova bittorrent site.
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I saw it not long ago (in Australia) and honestly, I think that (A) you might be disappointed and (B) that you probably know all you're ever going to know about the story from your background reading already.

It was a documentary in "experimental" form, which is to say it was almost a tape-slide rather than a film, and it featured recreations of what happened in a stylised manner, and came to the conclusion that there was probably no connection with the Coen brothers movie at all.
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