Where is this picture from?
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I traveled to DC, SF, NYC, and a few other cities taking photos with a film camera... and I can't tell where this photo's from. City-identifiers with good memories, help me!
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Very unlikely that this is SF, but I can't tell which other city it might be.
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Best answer: This is Arlington, VA. Those two distinctive buildings by the freeway are here. Looks like it was shot from one of the Rosslyn Twin Towers.
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Can you remember generally where you went in each city? That can help narrow it down (i.e., "I stayed in Manhattan when I went to New York" vs. "I was in Manhattan, but got to the Bronx and Queens too").
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Seconding Rosslyn, VA.
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That's a wingtip of a plane in the upper left corner, so you were in a plane. Taking the Arlington suggestion, perhaps you were flying down the river approach to National?
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Best answer: nthing Arlington, VA. Seconding the river approach to DCA given the wing tip.
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Furthermore, the building in the lower-right corner is topped with an arty structure welded by local guy Chas Colburn. You can see it in the distance here.
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Best answer: I made this rendering in Google Earth, which is pretty close to your photo. The approximate vantage point is looking west down Wilson Blvd from above Roosevelt Island in the Potomac.
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Best answer: Former Alexandria resident here. Yes, that is Alexandria. Nice job UVC on the Google Earth stuff!
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