Lobster Anatomists Wanted
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What is this part of a lobster claw called (the white fan-like projection that is normally inside the musculature)?
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To remove meat from claws, pull them off body and break knuckles into individual sections. Use clean kitchen shears to cut open each knuckle; remove meat from each part. Bend back small, thumblike part of claw, rocking it back and forth and gently breaking it off so that the small needle of meat inside stays attached to larger section of meat in claw. With kitchen shears, cut open main part of claw and remove meat in one piece. Remove thin, wide piece of cartilage from center of claw meat by holding it against cutting board and slipping flat cartilage out from middle of meat. Repeat with other claw.

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Best answer: In general, they're called apodemes.

More on crab claw physiology here.
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