I need the simplest thing: an IOS app that provides random rewards
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I'm trying to use positive reinforcement to make some behavioral changes. All I want is an app that will let me input my own rewards, and give me a random one when I press a button. Does this exist and where can I find it?
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If no one knows of an appropriate app, you can carry around some dice and a small piece of paper that maps the dice onto rewards. You know, kind of like a random treasure table from Dungeons and Dragons. However, it's found that having the rewards come at randomized times is even more reinforcing. But I have no idea how to implement that outside of a software system that's monitoring your performance.
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I searched for "randomizer" on the App store, and it looks like the app Randomizer Wheel does what you want.

There were some other results, including free ones which might work too.
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Omg any.do might be perfect for you. You put in your to-do list and as you cross things off it gets you a random award from KIIP. Ymmv tho -- the first award was a cool gift cert for an Amazon mp3 but the others keep being stupid baby things... Probably because my 2 yr old niece shares my iTunes account and the KIIP thingie thinks I'm a mom.

I think there's a way to set your awards but idk how.
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