Idiotic car badge question: Volvo edition
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Yes, I know this is a truly silly question, but what does Volvo's logo represent? It looks like a pair of manicure or embroidery sissors!

I mean, Ford's badge is easy to interpret: it's the word 'Ford' in script inside their iconic blue oval. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Acura; all are stylized versions of capital letters: T, H, L, A, whatever. Mitusubishi's is their 'three diamonds'; Subaru's is 'seven stars'. Chrysler and Saab use crests; Audi's linked circles has to do with their founder's names.

But Volvo..... I swear the thing just looks like a tiny pair of sissors: two empty loops at either side of the base of a thick-ish upright with a notched top. Does anyone know where this came from, or what it's supposed to represent?
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Could you possibly link to this logo? What you are describing is wholly unfamiliar to me as the volvo logo.
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The symbol for iron, apparently.
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Response by poster: Well. Maybe I'm seeing something like a local dealer's logo? Because it sure isn't that circle with the arrow thingy!

I'll hunt through nearish Volvo dealership logos, thanks.
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I always thought it was the 'male' symbol (never seen the scissors icon), also I think the current Toyota symbol is actually the styalied entire name of Toyota.
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Best answer: You're probably looking at the Don Beyer logo. Stylized version of the initials DB.
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Response by poster: Aaaannnnd bingo: Don Beyer Volvo it is, which also explains the logo --- the thick-ish upright is actually two separate vertical bars, the loops are the loops in a lowercase 'd' and a lowercase 'b', which makes perfect sense.

Now I'm just embarrassed, because 1) I pass that dealership almost every day, and 2) Don Beyer is prominent in Virginia politics! Duhhh....
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Yeah, whoever Don Beyer is, his logo looks like scissors.

But the Volvo logo employs the Symbol for Mars which has been in use since antiquity.
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whoever Don Beyer is, his logo looks like scissors.

Or a chopped-down version of the Bowen knot or Apple ⌘ symbol. Nice work if you can get it, logo designer.
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Or a chopped-down version of the Bowen knot or Apple ⌘ symbol.

I like how the anglophone world thinks it's perfectly okay to take an ancient Nordic symbol, St Hans' Cross, that's been in use for well over a 1,500 years, and name it after some random dude that died in the 17th century :-)

(fwiw, the Apple ⌘ key is borrowed from the Swedish traffic sign for attraction or place of interest, which is also what the the Unicode character is called.)
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