Why did Google stop working?
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Suddenly, following a link to http://www.google.com or entering www.google.com brings up a page designated as https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl. This does not bring up the search page under Chrome at all, and it's hit and miss under Firefox. I rechecked my self-created home page, where the link usually used resides, and it clearly has http: and not https: Could this be my ISP interfering with the direction of the URL? It's one of the larger ones.
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I suspect that gws_rd stands for Google Web Services Redirect and ssl stands for, well, SSL. So it's just saying it redirected you from http to https.
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Google is redirecting you to the secure page. The initial request responds with
Which causes your browser to go there.
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google is redirecting http users to https nowadays. I also have the http url set as my homepage and get that behavior but the https site works for me.

does google load if you go directly to the https version?

if anything, your isp is interfering with the https, but i find it unlikely
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I just tried typing in www.google.com on my government-job-provided Internet and it redirected the same way, though it does show the search page for me. So at least that rules out the theory that your ISP is redirecting, it looks like Google itself is redirecting to that URL. As to why it's not rendering, I don't know what's going on there.
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"ssl" means it's a secure page, as does "https" at the beginning.

It sounds like you entered an insecure url (starting with "http") and google wants you to use a secure one, so they redirected you. I get the same thing if I type "http://www.google.com" in my address bar.

"https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl" works fine for me; it's just a normal google page, but maybe you're in some weird state because of the redirect. Is it possible to just change your homepage to start with "https" instead?
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It looks like this started happening in June and it is Firefox/Google redirecting you to a secure server. So it's actually I good thing and not a bad one. This post may explain it better.
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If I'm reading the OP correctly, this change is causing Google searches to hang all the time, which is certainly my experience – so even if it's a good thing in principle it's really annoying in practice! I will watch this thread for possible solutions.
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Try bookmarking (or typing every time) https://www.google.com and see if that will work for you.
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Response by poster: I restarted Chrome and that got rid of the "hang" problem, which was the major problem for my wife.

I can redo my URL to https, but it sucks that I have to endure yet another nanny in my life. I have several sites where SSL is needed. Google isn't one of them.
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I have several sites where SSL is needed. Google isn't one of them.
Why not enable it? It's not like it hurts the performance measurably, and this way people can't overhear/MitM your traffic.
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I had this exact problem, clearing my history, including at all computers I use Chrome on, fixed it.
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