Rotating mount for large monitor
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Is there a mount for a >55" monitor that will rotate from portrait to landscape at the user's whim? I have a professor who wants to do pair programming on his wall. A projector is not sufficient.
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As a professional AV installer and digital signage guy, I would recommend you purchase something commercial grade, and not retail. Chief makes a few decent options, including this one.

Keep in mind that it's just an adapter, and needs to be added to the mounting option of your choice. That's going to depend if you want to wall-mount, ceiling-mount, or cart-/mobile-mount. They also make a smaller version for smaller displays, called the PAC200.

I would think Premier and Peerless would also make similar options. They are all going to be of good quality and fairly easy to install. PM me if you need further assistance. Gratis, of course.
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I can't say enough good things about the monoprice LCD mounts. They're super cheap, and all very high quality construction. I've bought several different types for work and home and all of them have been totally fine.
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