What do I search to find a photoshop specialist who makes fake things?
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So I got the go ahead from work to hire a photoshop artist to mock up some fake stuff for a presentations. Imagine for our purposes it's essentially for scenes for fake TV shows from the 70s. So I went to look on ELANCE and...well I have no idea what I'm looking for here. How would I search for such a person? Is there a term or series of terms for someone who specializes in speculative photoshop/graphic mockups? IS this a thing? Or is this a case of post the job and see what comes back?
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Or is this a case of post the job and see what comes back?

Just do this.
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You're making "mock-ups for a pitch." A graphic designer with Illustrator and Photoshop skills should be able to do this.
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Sorry, one more comment. If you want to do something stylized, you could also have a professional illustrator work on it.
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I think you need to better define "fake stuff". Are you wanting someone to do 3-D modeling of objects (toasters, cars, etc.)? You say "scenes for fake tv shows"...Does this mean photo-real images of sets? Or something more like sketches?
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The Graphic Artists Guild has a members portfolio section on their site.
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Like Thorzdad, I am unclear on what precisely you're looking for (mocked up posters for nonexistent TV shows? photobashed fake still shots? storyboarding?), so I'd start by gathering up some samples from Google that fit what you're looking for and then post those to better describe what type of mock-up you would like to commission. It'll help to narrow your responses to a more useful set. (You may also want to consider posting somewhere other than Elance; if your budget is limited, try Deviantart, or if you have a larger budget and need it right now, call/email artists' reps in your area that specialize in the entertainment industry.)
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Response by poster: Imagine that I'm pitching new ideas for products or stores or services. I need someone to make the bus stop poster ad for those things. Like for instance a Tron Cycle fitness class. Only not just make them, but do them in a certain style on TOP of making them. I suggested 1970's as an example with that kind of stylized look and font, as if it was in a Sports Illustrated from 1976.

Does that make sense?
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You could also try posting your request at various sites that are known for doing photoshop contests, like Something Awful. There are others as well, although I can't think of them right now. The big comedy websites. Just read their rules first. Most of them have a specific way of doing things.
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