Could someone please translate a marriage record for me from Alsace 1772
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I have located on-line a 1772 marriage record from Alsace, France pertaining to my family but can't make much out The image is sharp and clear enough but it looks to be in Latin. I can send a copy. Any help would be appreciated.
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You should probably post a link to an image (a screen grab will do). Services such as imgur or tinypic are free ways to do this.
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Just blank out the names & dates.
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I'll take a look, e-mail in profile, but you'll get better/more answers most likely if you post in thread.
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Response by poster: I didn't post t URL because it doesn't lead directly to the page but it is

The entry is at the bottom of pg 181 and top of of 182, Johannes Beitz and Anna Marie Laurecker
I did snip a jpg of it last night which is why I suggested e-mail.
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I uploaded a screenshot to imgur.
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Best answer: Here is my attempt at transcribing the Latin. I'm not confident enough to translate it, maybe this will help someone else to try:

Hodie duodecimâ mensis Maii anni millisimi septingentesimi septuagesimi secundi tribus proclamationibus in Ecclesia filiale Kindweiller publice factis, ac nullo detecto impedimento, praevie recepto mutuo consensu in facie Ecclesiae sacro matrimonii vinculo a me infra scripto conjuncti fuerunt Joannes Beitz pastor gregum hujas, viduus olim defunctae Rosinae Mühler

Et Anna Maria Laurecker filia defuncti Joannis Michaelis Laurecker civis hujatis in Kindweiller et Mariae Annae Coechel ejus conjugis adhuc viventis, testes adfuerunt Antonius Beitz pater sponsi, Jacobus Coechel civis in Neuffren, Antonius Gesell pastor gregum in Bilshoffen, et Joannes Georgius Laurecker filius solutus defuncti Antonii Laurecker civis hujatis, qui omnes, exceptâ sponsâ scribere nesciente, quae notam manualem suam hic apposuit, subscribserunt

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Response by poster: Thank you so much for your time and work Grubo. That's a big step forward.
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Response by poster: This may be a very stupid question, but can anyone tell if the groom's parents are Joannes Beitz and Rosinae Muhler (deceased) or does that refer to the groom and a previous wife? The reason I ask is because if that refers to the groom's parents, then the groom's name is not in the record except in the margin of the page.
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Best answer: My Latin is rudimentary at best, but it looks to me like the groom, Joannes Beitz, was the widower of Rosinae Muhler, and his father Antonius Beitz was one of the witnesses.
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Response by poster: Thank you Jasper. I only ran Gubo's transcript through an on-line translator and I got the impression that Rosinae was the first wife but I didn't clue into Antonius as father. I don't think I'd like my husbands first wife included in my wedding "certificate"
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Best answer: I made an attempt at a loose translation (this book was helpful):
Today, 12 May 1772, three marriage banns having been published in the daughter church of Kindweiller, and no hindrance to the marriage having been revealed, mutual consent having been received beforehand, in the presence of the church, by me the undersigned were joined by the sacred bond of marriage:
- Joannes Beitz, pastor of the church of this town, widower of the late Rosina Mühler; and
- Anna Maria Laurecker, daughter of the late Joannes Michael Laurecker, citizen of Kindweiller, and of Maria Anna Coechel, his (still living) wife.

Witnesses present were:
- Antonius Beitz, father of the groom;
- Jacobus Coechel, a citizen of Neuffren;
- Antonius Gesell, pastor of the church in Bilshoffen; and
- Joannes Georgius Laurecker, unmarried son of the late Antonius Laurecker, a citizen of this town;

who all have signed, except for the bride who does not know how to write, who has put her mark here.

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Response by poster: Thank you all so much!
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