Seeking an early Autumn room with a view
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Completely indecisive person seeking an end of September/early October 3-4 day trip from DC - short drive, train, or plane trip for around 1k. No idea where I want to go, but the only must is a room/balcony with a really beautiful nature view.

I’m having my windows replaced on September 30th, and want to get out of town while that work is being done (don’t need to be there for the project). I have no idea where to go, but a couple requisites:

- private balcony with a nice nature view (mountains, lake, beach, don't care, but just something that’s super beautiful to look at)
- max 2 hour drive from DC, or double that train/plane ride

I pretty much just want a calm, scenic place to take walks/hikes, go for runs, read, and stare at a nice view with some coffee/tea/wine. Would like to spend not more than 1k for the entire 3-4 day trip, but can possibly maybe go up to 1,300 total (transportation, lodging, food, etc).

I'd love some pretty fall foliage, but it late Sept/early Oct is probably too early for that. But I'm open to any kind of climate/temps, as long as I can get some nice nature views.
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Check out the area around Berkeley Springs WV. It's close, it's beautiful, and it's in your budget. There must be a place with a view around there.
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It's a one hour flight from D.C. to Albany or Hartford/Springfield, although the foliage might be of the you-should've-been-here-last-week variety. There are plenty of places to drive to from those airports: Saranac Lake, Lake George, the Berkshires, the Catskills, etc.

There are also daily nonstops to Cape Cod from DCA.
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Lake George has this incredible B&B that I have never been to but would go in a hearbeat. Right on (over) the water and it looks incredible. That time of year would probably be very peaceful and it is walking distance to the Sagamore Resort (also some shared amenities).
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What about the Eastern Shore of Maryland? St. Michaels?
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Just chiming back in for St Michaels - went there last year for the first time and it is a lovely town. Very nice B&B on the water with a wonderful proch to sit on and one of the rooms even has it's own private deck.
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Also consider the Shenandoah Valley near Shenandoah National Park. We stayed at a rental cabin near Luray recently, and it was gorgeous! It's less than 2 hours from DC. If you don't mind adding about 45 minutes to your trip, you can take Skyline Drive to get there -- amazing views at every turn.
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I vote for Omni Bedford Springs Resort. Nice hiking, bird watching, extremely relaxing spa/pool, historic/charming feel, delightful food, very easy drive, and smores.
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Ooh, yes, Bedford Springs is amazing, and if you ask for a room facing the garden in the historic wing, you'll have a porch with rocking chairs! But the porch is shared, not private -- afaik, they don't have any private balconies. And they have groupon or living social deals for it pretty regularly, which should keep it within your budget.
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Just a note of information. I live in the Catskill Mountains, about 100 miles north of NYC.
Our 'peak' autumn leaf time is usually about the 2nd week in October.
You may want to look at a 'leaf peeping' map to make sure the leaves are in sync with your away time.
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You're about a three-hour drive from Ocean City, MD, and should have no trouble getting an oceanfront room at a good price. Too late to swim, but the weather should still be pretty nice, although the town will be entering hibernation at that point.
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The Pioneer Valley in MA.
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I'm going to downvote the Ocean City idea, or at least add the caveat that it's a very tacky typical beach town. If that's your thing, cool. If not, Rehoboth Beach, DE (or any of the nearby towns) are nicer.
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... the Catskill Mountains, about 100 miles north of NYC.
Our 'peak' autumn leaf time is usually about the 2nd week in October.
You may want to look at a 'leaf peeping' map to make sure the leaves are in sync with your away time.

I grew up in the northern foothills, and, yes, look at maps. However, a couple of years ago when I did a Revisit Autumn Days of Youth weekend, the NYS tourism map lied to me.
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The NY times puts a leaf peeping map on their weather page in the fall.
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