Where can I order a personalized metal plaque?
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I want to get a personalized plaque, pewter or some other metal, for outside. It will attach to a fence at all four corners so needs holes in the corners. It will have 4 lines of text. I need letters (some lowercase and some uppercase), numbers, quote marks, and a dash, and the longest line including spaces will be about 30 or 32 characters.

I'm thinking something perhaps the size of a bumper sticker? In a week, few months, a year, or a couple years I will need something to match this one, but this is not something where I can order the second one ahead of time.

I checked with my favorite pewter artist on Etsy but she only does small jewelry stuff and can't make this. Can I get something like this online? Where? If you know of an Etsy artist who does this kind of thing, I'd love to hear about them; otherwise some kind of commercial outfit is okay if reliable. Or maybe someone here makes this kind of thing?

Thanks, all.
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Best answer: I believe the folks at danger!awesome are able to etch metal.
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Try a local sign shop, they often do engraving. They should be able to source whatever material you want and put whatever design in it.
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I've had good success with this custom road sign service. The signs are sturdy and the printing is sharp. Most of their templates are larger than a bumper sticker, but perhaps their 6"x18" or 8"x24" signs would work.
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Any shop that sells trophies should be able to do this. Trophies and awards are often plaques.
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This is definitely a job for your local trophy shop, unless you need something more fancy/artsy than I am imagining.
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Best answer: I think a trophy shop is probably the way to go.

If you wanted a more sculptural piece, like this, a metal fabrication shop would be willing to help. You email them a file (or work with them to make the digital part) and they cut it out with LASERS. It's really cool.
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A trophy shop. If you were in my area I would send you to Crown Trophy. On the linked page they have metal plaques. They do custom. I think they are in every state but 5 included in that 5 is Washington State so... I have ordered from them without ever setting foot in one of their stores, so consider calling one location and discussing it. I use the 38th St in NYC store.
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Best answer: I bought a nice house number sign from these folks:


which was nicely done. I believe they do custom work as well.
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Response by poster: Thank you for this magical search word "laser" - that is exactly what I needed for my googling.
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For something smaller and cheap, UPS Stores also do custom signs.
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