Protective Treatment for Decorated Shoes
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My daughter has decorated some white leather clogs with designs done with colored Sharpie pens. What sort of clear treatment can she put on the shoes that will protect the designs?
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I've had good luck with a couple of layers of Liquitex Varnish on top of some glitter shoes I wanted to protect-- it's flexible, clear, and doesn't flake or crack. It does get cloudy and sticky in water, so I'd only use that if she won't be wearing the shoes in the rain-- and probably you'll also want to spot-test an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn't cause the Sharpie to run.
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There are also spray varnishes you can use. I would suggest them because thicker layers of varnish, as applied by brushing, might take longer to dry, and might crack with normal shoe wear. This is totally a your mileage may vary situation.

Golden makes a mineral spirit spray varnish (MSA Varnish), a Polymer spray varnish, and an archival varnish spray.

Liquitex also has spray products.

Whatever you use, be sure to use appropriate safety precautions, ventilation, etc.
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Clear nail polish?
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There's also the stand-by mod podge to seal/cover things.

Whatever you use, you'll want to see if the sealant will dissolve the sharpie ink and cause the lines to bleed all over etc.
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Clear nail polish will definitely make the Sharpie smear. Voice of experience here. Also it will crack and flake.
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Angelus Acrylic Finisher is water-resistant and designed to be used on shoes.
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