Help identifying this small animal skull.
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This skull was found in a wooded area of central Pennsylvania. It is about the size of a fist.
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I believe that is a raccoon skull, but I am not a tiny dead things expert.
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Yeah, the teeth seem to match the teeth on this raccoon skull.
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Yes, probably a raccoon, but maybe a skunk?
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I'd go with raccoon - and you've got some excellent tooth marks on his or her nose. Someone was gnawing away at that thing.
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Probably a raccoon. I've recommended the bone identification tumblr for mammal finds before, and I will again. You can even surf the "raccoon" tag to see if that matches details you remember but aren't visible in the photo.

I don't think it's a striped skunk, though I wouldn't say with absolute certainty. Striped skunks tend have finer, more gracile (i.e., "more delicate") zygomatic arches (cheekbones), and smaller infraorbital canals/foramens (passages/holes under the eye socket). They usually just look more ferret-y overall to my eye, but that's the least useful explanation ever for people who aren't familiar with ferret skulls.
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I'll vote for raccoon, just because a skunk skull is way smaller than a fist (although that depends on the size of the fist, I guess).

Skulls Unlimited lists their raccoon skull at 4.7 inches in length and their skunk skull at 3.2 inches.
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Response by poster: I just measured it at 4.25 inches long.
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Nthing raccoon, but I'd have to look at the teeth a little better to be sure. Are they flatish in the back and thin but sheared off flat in the front? Pointy in between?
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Response by poster: That sounds accurate. Here are more detailed photos of the teeth:

photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
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