Identify a movie where kids are inside the TV
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I have a vague memory of a single bit of a movie I saw in the early 90s (don't know how old the movie was tho). Three kids, on the lip of a giant TV screen. The sky was orange/yellow/green stormy. The movie villain was threatening them, and they either pushed him into TV land, or they themselves jumped into it to escape him. Any guesses?
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Stay Tuned? I thought only the parents went into the TV in this one. 1992.
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Tvtropes has a page on this:
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Any chance you're thinking of the TV show Kidd Video? (Skip to 0:48 for the villain pulling the kids into his world)
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I don't think it's any of those mentioned. I watched Stay Tuned but it didn't have the specific scene i am remembering.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
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