Bulk seaweed
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Dried seaweed without adding to the Texas sized island of seaweed wrappers in the ocean?

My daughter and I love us some dried seaweed. But I hate the wasteful packaging I've encountered so far. Seriously, a few bites of seaweed and i am responsible for throwing away a tray AND a plastic wrapper? Gross.

Additionally, the way I really enjoy eating it is stacking 10 sheets and chewing it all up at once. Is there anyone that makes thicker dried seaweed?

So where can I can more eco friendlily packaged seaweed? And thicker beef jerky like seaweed?

Thanks so much :)
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Asian grocery stores would be my first stop.
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If you're talking about the flavoured stuff, you can definitely buy a big wad of non-individually-wrapped nori at an Asian grocery store, brush it with soy sauce, sesame oil, or other flavorings, and put it in the oven for a couple of minutes as a DIY version. Here's a link.
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Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables sells various kinds of dried seaweed by the pound. The seaweed is packaged in one giant plastic bag which is shipped in a cardboard box. Not all of their seaweeds are snackable right out of the bag (some kinds are intended to be rehydrated and used in cooking). Of the snack kind, their silky sea palm is my favorite, it is seasoned only with the salt that it retained during drying. The texture is sort of like pretzel sticks. Whole Foods carries small bags of this brand, if you want to test out the flavors before ordering in bulk (note: a pound of dried seaweed is a whole lot of seaweed).
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I don't know what you're buying, but you can buy strips that look rather like jerky among other choices. (And just recycle the packaging.)
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If you're looking for non flavored stuff, Ironbound Island sells a fantastic product with minimal packaging. They do super good work.
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Response by poster: Awesome! Ironbound and Ocean Harvest here I come. Thanks folks :)
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