escaping San Francisco: let's go outside
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The girl and I miss trees. And feel a little claustrophobic. Where could we go that is close to SF but out of Sf. It should be warm. And we would like to do it on a week night.
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Trees? Any direction but west. There are beautiful hikes all along skyline if you go south, the hills in the easy bay are full of great hikes, and north is muir woods and lots of smaller parks.
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Berkeley Botanical Garden or the Albany Bulb? Warm, trees, accessible on a weeknight. Plus mad good views.
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The cure for what ails you and your lady:
Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.

Chabot Space Center & Science Center After Dark events
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What's your transportation situation? Car or public transit?
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I'd drive south on Skyline, Highway 9. Trees!
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Muir Woods.
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Edgewood Park and Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve are both free, warm, and wooded. They're an easy drive down 280, and in that sunny San Carlos/Redwood City sweet spot. Pulgas Ridge allows dogs; Edgewood doesn't.
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For a more regular dose of tree, you could volunteer with the Friends of the Urban Forest. Spending some time regularly with the few trees that are available might provide limited ongoing reprieve.
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Muir Woods is not likely to be warm is SF is not warm, particularly in the evening. The north side of Mount Tam tends to be warmer and less foggy. I suggest giving Deer Park in Fairfax a try, or Phoenix Lake in Ross.
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You have many hundreds of options. May I suggest bookmarking It's at least 80% same-day trips or overnights around SF.

The East Bay Regional Park system is huge (see map). 65 parks. Almost all of them amazing and sunny and with gorgeous views and easy to get to.
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Tilden Regional Park is in the Berkeley Hills has warmer weather than SF, lots of trees, and a sunny ridge line trail if you want that. Very easy to get to, too. There are some nice hiking trails and the ridge line is paved if you want to bring bikes.

Minor woods is stunning, but very cool and shady. Definitely on the to-do list, but may not be quite what you want.
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Definitely Muir Woods, in Marin County. The only problem is that you have to cross the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour to get there, if you're trying to get there on a week night. (Keep in mind that the park closes at sunset.)
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How important is warmth? Berkeley's not warm in the evening, neither is Muir Woods. Also there's the challenge of fighting traffic during rush hour. One of the parks further inland (Walnut Creek-ish) would be warmer, though also more annoying to get to at that time of day. Would the weekend be a possibility? Then you could leave early morning, go farther, and maximum the daytime warmth.
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Just past the Caldecot tunnel on the other side of the East Bay hills is are lots of regional parks, and the temperature difference between Berkeley and Orinda/Moraga is usually substantial (think fog vs bright and sunny). It's also warmer down toward Hayward. Take a look at the EBRP (east bay regional parks district) website and find a park in those parts. They have descriptions and pictures of the various parks in their park finder. East Bay Mud also has some very nice trails, like at Lafayette Reservoir and many adjacent to the EBRPD trails.
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What about the Russian River Valley? I hear it's warmer over there. Guerneville is said to be a cute little resort town.
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Visit the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek! They're open until 7pm on Thursdays through the summer. Bring a six-pack or a bottle of wine and a picnic and sit in the garden and enjoy the glowy, warm early evening sun. And Walnut Creek is consistently 20+ degrees hotter than SF.
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Ended up in Wild Cat Canyon park near The Bulb. We walked in a dry river bed under a canopy of trees. Thanks!
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